The Story of Puzzled Surfer

Puzzled Surfer is a loving reference
to our 11 year old son, Shea.
Shea has Asperger Syndrome (AS), an autism spectrum disorder (hence- the puzzle reference.) As a result it seriously impacts Shea's ability to participate in many social and extracurricular activities with his peers.He must learn things certain ways and there can be quite a learning curve that, in a typical instructional setting, usually ends in frustration with little desire or interest to continue the activity.
But, then came surfing... (continue...)

Light Up the Map!

Ok, so Shea thinks he will be "OFFICIALLY FAMOUS" if we can get a visitor from different countries and each state! Please help us spread the word if you know someone from an 'unlit' state or country point thm here! The more visits from a location result in a darker shading.