How You Can Help


That's right! By visiting his page you have impacted Shea already more than you can know. Every day he loves to review the number of visits to his site and look at the places his "crew" call home. It's part of his special personality and his condition. Shea will review all of the countries and then visit the 
individual nations, states and territories on his tablet using Google Earth. 

We appreciate all of the love and support that people from all over the world have extend to Shea and our family.
To achieve our objective of getting Shea to as many events as possible ww ask for your gracious funding and support. We understand that MANY folks aren't in a position to support Shea financially so we cannot underestimate the power of sharing his story with friends and family.

We created the Drive for Five campaign asking people to participate in his support in one of the following three ways... whichever is best for their situation.

Crowd-funding is one of the beautiful innovations of the modern global web. uses GoFundMe, Inc.   GoFundMe is an internationally recognized and acclaimed organization that accepts financial donations on behalf of individual causes and/or non-profit groups.  When you make a donation with a major credit card or PayPal it is processed with complete security and those funds are deposited in our account designated for Shea within 5 business days.

The site you are currently viewing is, we refer to this as his FAN site.  Donations are secured through his FUNDING site at The easiest way to visit or share his funding site is with the address, using this .ORG address, it will take you directly to Shea's GoFundMe site and it's MUCH easier to remember and share :-)

We thank you so much for your continued support, as we often say thank you for helping us, help him!
Please make sure to review the media gallery to see how he is impacted by your Twitter messages for him as well as his reaction to website events and, of course, pictures from his surfing events!